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@ Behind the Lines (Philip Metres’s blog) This is actually of a self-published chapbook I put out to give to friends before my full-length book was ever born (though all the chap poems would later be in the book as well.

@ The Brooklyn Rail (by Jeffery Cyphers)

@ HTML GIANT (by Janice Lee)

@ Like Fire (by Elisa Gabbert)

@ Read this Awesome Book (by Wendy Xu)

@ The Rumpus (by Kathleen Rooney)

@ Small Press Distribution–staff picks (by Zachary Haber)

@ HTML GIANT (by Blake Butler)

Plots and Oaths (by Ryo Yamaguchi)

something that’s not a review, but is still dope:

@ Chicks Dig Poetry (by Sandra Beaseley)


Also, this book has been included on several Best of lists by Daniela Olszewska,  Johannes Göransson, Sarah Fox, and Escalation’s Best of 2010, among others.  Recently, it was also in a Top Ten list compiled by reader’s of The Believer magazine.  So thanks everyone who showed love mentioned here.


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@ Devil’s Lake

@ Entropy

@ Tarpaulin Sky’s blog

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