Blogging now at The BONK!ness Monster

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Yo Yo,


wanted to let people know I will not be blogging at this space here anymore because I’m going to try to focus all my effort into a community blog I’m part of that has been starting up—it’s called The BONK!ness Monster and it can be found here. 

I’m helping run it with some other writers, artists and musicians that live here in Racine: Justin Grimbol, Kelsey Hoff, Kelsey Gray, Jackson Potter Barrow, Aaron Lundquist and Jen Simpkins.  I love that the people contributing to it, unlike other blogs that might be similar that I dig, like Montevidayo or HTMLGiant, are only brought together because they live in the same place and write.  Our aesthetics are not very similar, or even our disciplines, in some cases.  There’s really nothing unifying us other than geography and friendship.  That is super, to me.

They posted a few poems of mine the other day here, by the way.  Actually, they’re poem-memes, basically, which Grimbol created…he’s been creating a lot of these weird image-word mash up things that he’s been thinking of as memes. They’re lovely and hilarious, to be honest.  Here’s one of the memes he made for one of my poems:

So come visit us at The BONK!ness monster and keep up on the bustling world of Racine, Wisconsin.

It’s not that daddy’s leaving you.  He’s just going somewhere else.  And you can go to that somewhere else now too, whenever you’re ready.

Okay.  Thanks.  I love you.  Be in touch.

And PS- You’re ready:

New Chapbooks from Smoking Glue Gun Press/ Video of Joyful Noise for Walter Hermanns

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Hi my love,

A press I love, Smoking Glue Gun, is putting out two chapbooks very soon.  They have offered us the opportunity to fund said chapbooks through a crowd sourcing fundraiser campaign.  None of it is just donation–nearly no matter what amount you give, you’ll be getting one or both of the chapbooks.  If you get a little more, there’s a bunch of even cooler gifts from there that you’ll be receiving.  Read about the incentives on the site and watch the video and then, if you can, please contribute to their cause:  They’re less than $500 away from their goal of $2000, so let’s make sure they make their mark.

I had the pleasure of reading and writing a blurb for one of these chapbooks: Nate Pritts’s “Pattern Exhaustion.” And, I have to say, I absolutely loved that little collection.  I would recommend it to anyone, even a lot of people who don’t normally dig poetry.  I think I’m going to buy a copy for my dad…maybe some other people.

So go check this stuff out and support a great upstart press.  And thank you!

In other news, we recently had an event in honor of a Racine, Wisconsin, poet and amazing community member, Walter Hermanns.  The full video of the event is here for your viewing, thanks to our BONK! video homie, Peg Rousar-Thompson.  Thanks Peg, and thanks to everyone who came, especially those who performed.  I read a poem close to the very end and then the amazing Jackson Potter Barrow of one of my favorite young bands, The Barrow Band, plays a rendition he made of Amazing Grace.  The whole room was weeping pretty insanely.  It was beautiful.  I miss Walter every day.  We love you, Walter.  Rest in peace…in rowdiness…

Hey, thanks for visiting.  Have a great day.



Poets for the First Amendment Protection Chapbook

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I just submitted my poem Ravine, which I read in the video below, to this very worthy, worthwhile chapbook project that I’m posting about here in hopes of spreading the word and getting others to support it.  The amazing Sasha Steensen at Colorado Review was kind enough to publish this in print form originally.  The video appeared even before that, though, at the Montevidayo blog, solicited by Joyelle McSweeney.

So read here and submit.  The original source for this that I saw can be seen here.

Hey…have a great day.  I love you.  Peace:

“Submit Your Poem for the Poets for First Amendment Protection chapbook of poems responding to questions about the right peaceably to assemble, especially as they are being raised today.

We invite your submission of poems about the arrests of people for singing at the Wisconsin State Capitol, about the attempts to intimidate people opposed to mining the Penokee Hills, about legislatures cutting public hearings short or scheduling them at inconvenient times and places, and/or about comparable issues.

You don’t need to reside in Wisconsin to send a poem. You don’t need to write specifically about Wisconsin events.

We’re looking for a variety of styles: direct or subtle, formal, free verse, hip hop, prose poems, mixed genre. No longer than one page is the length preferred, though we’ll never turn down an awesome longer poem. But we need it soon! Submit by September 6, 2013 to

If you’re not already part of the Facebook group, Poets for First Amendment Protection and you would like to be added, just send me a message. Also, feel free to share this call with friends you think might be interested.

All proceeds from the sales of this chapbook will go to the First Amendment Protection Fund.

Andrea Baker’s “Famous Rapes” series

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Hi everyone,

my blog still sort of exists, apparently.

I’m finishing up a manuscript that is largely about the feminist theory of rape culture.    It’ called “Starfucker” and some pertinent examples of the poems focusing on this subject can be found in issue #7 of Sugar House Review (which includes 5 of the poems from this manuscript, more than any other journal out there, I believe.  I love Sugar House).


The reason for this post, though, is to spread word of the poet Andrea Baker’s project “Famous Rapes.”  There are features having to do with it here and here at the Rumpus, which is a great literary spot all around.  They’re subtle, well-handled, informative, interesting, saddening, brief little articles, and totally worth the time to read them.  Important, too.  The sort of articles that I would love to see everyone in our culture be exposed to.  Andrea is apparently working on a manuscript called “Famous Rapes.”  I’ve never heard of her before, but I definitely plan on contacting her and I will definitely be asking her to send that to me.


Rendering by Baker of Leda and the Swan rape of myth

So read them, see what you think and let me know, if you’re feeling ambitious.

As a bonus, here’s a review of my first book the indelible Kathleen Rooney wrote for the Rumpus a couple years ago and here is a poem at the Rumpus from a different series I’ve been writing called “Emotional Feelings”.  That manuscript is also heavily influenced by rape culture theory and, in general, living a sexually diseased life in a sexually diseased culture.

Ooh, one more thing I just thought of:  I just read Anne Marie Rooney’s book Spitshine.  In terms of books that deal with being sexually diseased, this is a really interesting, potent, challenging one.  Definitely relative to the Gurlesque writers, though I may be the first one to say that in print (digital print?).  She was just part of a reading at our BONK! series here in Racine, with the touring poetry group Line Assembly.  Here’s the video of the whole reading…Anne Marie is somewhere in the middle:

Line Assembly at the BONK! series, 7.13.13, Racine Wisconsin

Okay.  That’s it.  Thanks.  I love you.


Bill Yarrow Being Awesome

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A Young Poet originally from Racine (where I live) is one of the founders of this magazine.  If that doesn’t make you want to submit to it, I don’t know what would.  I’ll be sending work to them.  You should to.  Word.  Word word word.


announcements etc

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 03/13/2013 – 07/15/2013

CD01 will feature a “Meet the Editors” section in which works by AM Ringwalt, Amy Mattox, and ADP will be printed alongside our selections.

Have a good day, sweet world, sweet people.

From Our Friends at (formerly) GlitterPony, Now “Natural History Press”

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Rest in peace, GlitterPony.  You were a wonderful online journal–one of the first I really got into and enjoyed.  I look forward to seeing where you go as Natural History Press (see newsletter they sent out below for details):

Natural History Press

Dear GlitterPony Friends,

Hello! It’s been a long while since we’ve contacted you with an GP update. We have a few things we’d like to share with you:

  • The future of GlitterPony and the new Natural History Press.
  • Our first book!
  • Kickstarter
  • The future of this mailing list.

As some of you know, we have ceased active publication of the magazine. Jon and I made this decision after thirteen awesome issues and seven awesome years as co-editors. We are not sure, what if anything, will happen to GlitterPony, but we definitely felt that it was time to move on to the next chapter in our publishing endeavor.

So, it is with great pride that we announce the start of Natural History Press. Natural History will publish poetry books beginning in Spring of 2013. Andy Morgan’s book will be our first book, and we are super excited to bring his writing to you all.

We feel that Natural History is the logical next step in our work together, and we hope you will join us as we begin this process. If you feel so inclined, please take a look at our KickStarter campaign. We are on our way to raising the funds to properly put together Andy’s book and begin our press, but we have a long way to go. We hope you consider making a small contribution to or efforts.

We will be converting this list over to our new Natural History Press list. If you wish to be removed, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Thanks for your continued support and consideration. We could not have made it this far without you!

All the best,

Jon Link & Natalie Lyalin