Rattle Civil Servants Issue

So Rattle is having a submission call for Civil Servants right now.  I sent them a few poems, but also drafted a “contributor note” that just got way too long.  Since I couldn’t send it to them in it’s full-length form, figured I’ d at least post it here and share it with the world somehow.  Enjoy:


Me and my dudes having story time at Olympia Brown UU church, Racine

I call myself a Literacy Evangelist because I spread the good news of literacy every day for a living. I am a public librarian, primarily in a children’s department, and I love my job wildly. It affects my writing both directly and indirectly. At the library, we deal with people every day who are different kinds of desperate. Today, a man left loudly sobbing and screaming the words “It’s all my fault! It’s all my fault.” Several of us tried to talk with him and console him, but he was belligerent with sorrow. That can affect your writing pretty directly in that it might appear in something you write–seems like it would, or maybe even should–but it at the very least will affect your writing–and your whole life, probably–indirectly. Being in such proximity to people who are constantly on the margins of life makes it so that you never forget those marginalized. It keeps you grounded. To some, it feels like it drags them down. To others, it’s a gift–being put in position to have regular relationship with people who need relationship most.

So there’s that. And whenever I get to feeling sorry for myself in one way or another, I only need pay attention when I’m at work and engage with my patrons there for me to realize just how unbelievably easy I have it compared to so many.

One other note is that: I absolutely love kids. They are one of my purest joys in life. I have endured pretty significant depression for almost all of my life (maybe I’ll submit to your mental health issue too), but kids, for whatever reason, are honestly like an antidote to depression for me more often than not. It’s not something I work at—it’s just a part of me that was put there; a gift. And kids absolutely love spending time with me, because they know that I love and respect them. I am one of the only male children’s librarians in my region and its amazing what an impact I can have in my role, in a place where children and adults alike are so unaccustomed to seeing men in nurturer roles.

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