Poets for the First Amendment Protection Chapbook

I just submitted my poem Ravine, which I read in the video below, to this very worthy, worthwhile chapbook project that I’m posting about here in hopes of spreading the word and getting others to support it.  The amazing Sasha Steensen at Colorado Review was kind enough to publish this in print form originally.  The video appeared even before that, though, at the Montevidayo blog, solicited by Joyelle McSweeney.

So read here and submit.  The original source for this that I saw can be seen here.

Hey…have a great day.  I love you.  Peace:

“Submit Your Poem for the Poets for First Amendment Protection chapbook of poems responding to questions about the right peaceably to assemble, especially as they are being raised today.

We invite your submission of poems about the arrests of people for singing at the Wisconsin State Capitol, about the attempts to intimidate people opposed to mining the Penokee Hills, about legislatures cutting public hearings short or scheduling them at inconvenient times and places, and/or about comparable issues.

You don’t need to reside in Wisconsin to send a poem. You don’t need to write specifically about Wisconsin events.

We’re looking for a variety of styles: direct or subtle, formal, free verse, hip hop, prose poems, mixed genre. No longer than one page is the length preferred, though we’ll never turn down an awesome longer poem. But we need it soon! Submit by September 6, 2013 to poets.first@yahoo.com

If you’re not already part of the Facebook group, Poets for First Amendment Protection and you would like to be added, just send me a message. Also, feel free to share this call with friends you think might be interested.

All proceeds from the sales of this chapbook will go to the First Amendment Protection Fund. http://protectwisconsin.tumblr.com/.

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