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Tremendous thanks for the overwhelming response to our new Prize in Prose, to be judged this year by Rivka Galchen, and awarded this year to a novel. We look forward to diving into the many entries received. A long, coldish winter of novel-reading lies ahead, and we love it.


Writer-people, Fence is again accepting new submissions in Poetry, Fiction, & Other. Submit online through January 10, 2013. We want to read you, love you, render you in ink & pressed wood.


  • Eyelid Lick, Donald Dunbar: Winner of the Fence Modern Poets Prize, this collation of psychedelia & collective intimacy continues to impress. Seth Abramson: “Few books of poetry cavort as gleefully as Eyelid Lick…and it’s for this reason that few books of poetry, or indeed few objects of literary art, are as immediately enjoyable.”
  • Your Invitation to a Modest Breakfast, Hannah Gamble: Tony Hoagland calls this book “a poetic joy” while Bruce Smith says Gamble is “a domestic mystic along the lines of Emily Dickinson, Anne Bradstreet, or Gaston Bachelard.” The poems expose the viscera of the everyday, its familiarity & absurdity remade through language. Selected by Bernadette Mayer for the National Poetry Series.
  • Mellow Actions, Brandon Downing: Whispering down the wind on the heels of his beguiling collage & found poem masterpiece Lake Antiquity, this highly-anticipated new modern classic from Brandon Downing limns the vernacular with supernatural canniness—canines—& dreamlike cultural excess.
  • 88 Sonnets, Clark Coolidge: Rebecca Wolff’s favorite poet Clark Coolidge’s embrace of the sonnet form is a gemlike amalgam of narrative urge, poppy name-dropping, & pure visuality. Coolidge’s legendary proliferation—as many as ten sonnets in a single day—marries the stunning variety of his intellect on the mountaintop of formal inquiry.


The Motherwell Prize—which recently and in its earliest incarnation as the Alberta Prize has brought to light some of the brightest-shining women poets, including Chelsey Minnis, Sasha Steensen, Laura Sims, Ariana Reines, and Harmony Holiday—has shed its skin yet again to emerge as the Ottoline Morrell Prize. All hail Lady Ottoline, beloved undersung patron of the Bloomsbury Group. The Ottoline Morrell Prize will award publication and a cash prize to a book of poems by a woman writing in English who has previously published one or more full-length collections of poetry. Ears peeled for more details.


Fence editor Rebecca Wolff & mega-alien rockstar genius-girlchild poet Ariana Reines will be teaching in the Summer Literary Seminars in Lithuania, from July 14 through July 27. These two join Eileen Myles, Glyn Maxwell, José Manuel Prieto, Alex Halberstadt & more. For more information or to apply, visit the Summer Literary Seminars. Every applicant receives a complimentary year of Fence.

Yours ever,

Rebecca Wolff & Rob Arnold
Fence Editors Speaking as One


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