New Poems in B O D Y; Thoughts on Small Press Publishing in I O

Hey friends,

just some catch up–I had a few pieces in a new, great journal called B O D Y.  Go read them.  Why not.

They also wrote up some thoughts on my book which are very endearing.  Read that as well.  You and I will be made one.

Aside from that, they’ve got a ton of other excellent stuff there.  As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I really dig Anthony Madrid and Daniel D’Angelo’s stuff, and B O D Y has new poems from them, too.  Have you read Madrid’s book yet –“I am your slave now do what I say”?  If you haven’t and you want to read a book packed with fantastic, hilarious, beautiful, really impressive skill, make your local public library order it today.  A lot of people love that book, but I still feel like it could afford to be getting more attention by now.












There.  The world is a better place already.
And, as a bonus, here’s a conversation about small press publishing which I’m a part of with a few other poets at the hardest working journal in po-bizness, I O.  Thanks to Kyle McCord and Wendy Xu for having me along on that one.

Alright, that is all.  Now go disgorge your own prophesy and share it with the world as well.  Thank you in advance.



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