Skeetly Deetly Deet (my new chapbook)

Hey, guess what I never mentioned on this blog yet:

I have a new chapbook called Skeetly Deetly Deet that was published last month by Strange Cage Press in Iowa City.  It’s poems from the new manuscript based on celebrity culture that I’m working on called Starfucker.  Some of the poems can be read here.  Strange Cage is some super cool peoples, the chapbook is only $5 from their online store (if you want one from me it’s $10, just to encourage you to buy it from them and the poems will change your life and make you wealthy.  So what the hey–go give a small chap press some money and read Skeetly Deetly Deet.

Here’s me reading one of the poems at the sort of chapbook release reading we had in Iowa City last month:

Okay.  Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  I hope it if filled with Skeetly, Deetly…and most of all….Deet (that’s a pun).

Peace (another pun),



One Response to “Skeetly Deetly Deet (my new chapbook)”

  1. Mainframe ("It's Crime Fighting Time!") Says:

    “You’re my smallpox baby blanket…”
    So boojournal, spring 2011,
    what’s up with that?
    Need an art editor?

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