To prove that this blog still exists

I will post something.  Yes.

Here’s the recording of a reading I was part of in Iowa City for my chapbook publisher, Strange Cage, last month.  I promise I will make a real post about them soon.

And here’s a few words from a nice person named Janice Lee at HTML Giant about my book.

Bam, there you go.  Thanks for being such a sweet piece of pumpkin.




3 Responses to “To prove that this blog still exists”

  1. The real question is do you exist!?

  2. How do I subscribe to this blog?

    • ndemske Says:

      hey patricia!…I think you already figured it out (i was alerted that you subscribed) but, if not, just go to the link that says “e-mail subscriptions when you scroll down a little bit on the right. Hope you’re doing well. And by the way, a great poet that we brought for BONK!, Julie Carr (from CO), saw the Veterans Book Project while in town and was really impressed. She’s written a book called “100 notes on violence” and her work in general deals with violence, so maybe that project will inform her future writing. Hope to see you again soon…

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