Whatever you eat

Hey ya’ll,

wanted to post this review that came out last month of my book that I never got around to sharing.  Thanks to Chris Crawford for writing it.  Here’s the title:

“Whatever You Eat You’re Gonna Shit: Christopher Crawford on Nick Demske’s poetry collection Nick Demske from Fence Books.”

It’s at a review site I like a lot called “Gently Read Literature.”  Here’s the link: http://issuu.com/gently_read_literature/docs/grl_feb

page 18.

Also, here’s a random poem by a kid named Daniel D’Angelo that I like a whole lot: http://jellyfishmagazine.org/dangelo1.html

okay.  enjoy reading it and please pray for my soul.




8 Responses to “Whatever you eat”

  1. That was a really cool review…I like: “Demske appears to point toward a collective guilt for the perceived societal wrong-turn the Western World initiated, and which manifests itself in the language we choose to speak, or by now, cannot help but speak.”

    …”Demske builds his work using the joints and neon bricks of the mainstream culture he seems to detest but revels joyfully in…”

    Crawford echoed much of what I thought about your poetry, but articulated better than I probably could have…was comforting to know that I wasn’t too far off in some of my interpretations of your poetry, or at least was in sync with one reader out there. Awesome to see you entrenched in this art form and living it out so passionately, cuz : ) Word.

    • hey…that’s my cousin, ya’ll! barb, you rock. thanks for dropping a note, man, that really makes my day. And thanks even more for bothering to read the review. you truly are a power spin vortex of family love : )

  2. Buck Etto Cheekan Says:

    Not always knowing to Whom, but I have always and will always pray for you. Just before I lazer you.

  3. Graham Says:

    Hey nickipoo what up. I just subscribed to your blog in my google reader. I heard about you in my boring-ass poetry class at university. I didn’t really dig your poems on paper but I really like the way you read them and your attitude in general. Also, rock climbing is great.


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