New interview at Devil’s Lake Online

The lit journal “Devil’s Lake,” out of Madison, WI, recently did an interview with me and has posted it on their website here.  Not only am I grateful to editor Zac Fulton for taking some time with me on that, but I’m really geeked to be part of a journal named after the best rock climbing spot in Wisconsin (I would say the midwest, but that’s just because I haven’t climbed like a single other place in the midwest).

We touch on Michel Jackson, Philip Metres, Dead Prez, Amanda Smeltz, Aafa Michael Weaver, the Wire, Ito Hiromi and a bunch of other stuff I love.  I catalog a very incomplete line up of poets who I think are writing really socially-engaged work.  Go check it out and see if you’re one of them…

There’s only 4 questions, but I give four typically long-winded answers.  So you’ll get your money’s worth?

Alright, enjoy homies.



2 Responses to “New interview at Devil’s Lake Online”

  1. I was just looking at the Devil’s lake site. As a small boy, my father took me and my older brother camping there. I have to say straight out that I am not an English major and did not even graduate from a college. Now ,I can bang away on the key board without regard to form. I was drawn to the artwork on the cover and wonder its origin. It has that Arts&Craft look. Art is what I relate to these days. I started a website; I hope to make it so that I can hold Mr. Obama, along with others, to the flame of public condemnation. I know that I can not do this by myself and would welcome suggestions and help. The Madison area has a history of affinity with those who struggle for peace. Thanks for the opportunity for contact.

    • thanks for the note, scott. yeah, any literary journal associated with one of my favorite state parks (Devil’s Lake) is an easy sell, for me. I want to get one of their T-shirts soon.

      Thanks for the link…I’ll check it out today,

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