Social Networking and the Military Entertainment Complex, Daniel Bosch Style

There’s a new poem by Daniel Bosch, a poet I really really like, at Slate.  It’s a pretty interesting example of a poem that ties entertainment–or even capitalism–into the military industrial complex.  Check it out.  He’s had lots of other poems published there too so, if you like this one, look around in the archives for more.


Speaking of war and capitalism, I just read Philip Metres’s “Abu Graib Arias” chapbook this weekend, from Flying Guillotine Press, as well as a peace poetry essay he wrote called “With Ambush and Stratagem.”  I’m so into Metres’s work.  And his prose, especially, has really influenced the media and celebrity manuscript I’m writing currently.  But the arias is a sharp, majorly powerful piece of work.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the complexities of human cruelty and compassion.


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