E-mail from Joseph Wood

Here’s an e-mail I got from Joseph Wood a while ago, which I honestly have not followed up on yet.  I wanted to post this, though.  Just cause I haven’t followed up doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try to spread the word.  So here goes:
“Friends and Colleagues,

If you are receiving this email, you are someone who I have high regard for and who has consistantly shown a larger investment in the arts. I write today not to pimp a book or to promote a reading tour.

Rather, as many of you know, I am involved in an undergraduate poetry project entitled Slash Pine. I could go on and on about its theory, etc. Instead, while the main webpage is being reconfigured (as the program is reconfigured, now firmly fronting education and artistic method), I have blogged (I know, utterly trite, but…) about one major component of the internship that supercedes its boundaries–the creative writing exchange initiative, which is truly as ad-hoc as a university related thing can be.

I ask, if you will, two things:

First, would you take a few minutes and simply read the post (don’t even worry about the part where I speak of my own particular work):

Second, if you find the posting applicable or engaging, would you be willing to help spread the word. Even a simple mention on a blog, a larger web journal, etc. Maybe you might want to get involved in building an exchange yourself (even if you’re not in academia, we’re flexible). Or maybe you may simply cut and paste the blog post to a friend or set of friends.

Ultimately, I have never seen students so utterly empowered and engaged with art–not for its own sake, but for its ability to inherently transform their lives. And, to be quite frank, I have found myself enjoying their company as collaborators.

Please shoot me any comments or questions.

Best and thanks,

Joseph Wood”

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