Joseph P Wood in Diagram, Ben Mirov on Nick Demske, Killswitch Documentary

Oh, right, I have a blog.

I’ve been too into summer to post much up here, but I wanted to throw a few notes up here of things I’ve been grooving on lately.

First, my buddy Joseph P Wood has six poems in the new issue of Diagram.  It’s an excellent, weird journal always, but his poems are total knock outs–troilets that are really resisting their own form–so you should enrich your life immediately by reading them here.  And, since I’m talking about him, here’s a video of him reading from a poem called “Gutter Catholic Love Song,” which I love, in Racine:

Second thing: Ben Mirov, a new contributor to the uber-blog HTML GIANT, has synopsized a few books, one of them being mine.  It’s only a paragraph long, but it’s a heck of a paragraph, I have to say.  Here’s how it starts: “Sometimes when I read sonnets all I can think is “fuck sonnets”. ”  And you can read the rest here.  Thanks, Ben.

Third thing, my brother in law hepped me to this new documentary some folks are putting together called “Killswitch.”  The general tag lines that go along with it all have to do with saving the “freedom of the internet.” Seeing as how I’ve posted articles like this Douglas Rushkoff write-up to this blog before,  I admit, I was a little skeptical at first.  But the filmmakers seem to be heading in a really substantial direction with the whole project and the production quality also looks top-notch.  But they need money.  So here’s a link to their kick-starter donation site, where you can watch their informative trailer and, yet again, enrich your life even more.  Hoorah.  Huzzah.

In honor of the ambient violence that the 4th of July has come to be a celebration of, I will be posting a review of Johannes Göransson’s most recent book tomorrow.  So don’t do anything rash tonight, cause, you know…that’s not to be missed, right?

May the explosions in the sky this weekend rattle you with the horrors of war.

And happy three day weekend.

I love you.



One Response to “Joseph P Wood in Diagram, Ben Mirov on Nick Demske, Killswitch Documentary”

  1. […] to mind a poetry friend of mine who I had fallen off keeping up with–Nick Demske, who in this post was kind enough to write about some poems I had appear in an online journal. Did he post them […]

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