Stephan Danos review of my book at IO

Wanted to give a quick shout out to the new online journal IO, where a review of my book was just published (By Stephen Danos).  So that rocks the socks off your feet.  It’s a dope journal, too.  Don’t just read the review, look through the other stuff they have.  Already some of my favorite young poets in there.

my nephew in a city park fountain

I also think I should mention, because it has gotten ridiculous to an enjoyable point, the discourse that is going on about my book on Amazon.  To sum it up, someone left a really short review saying they didn’t like the book and, then, what every writer fears most happened–my father responded to them.  So I of course had to chime in at this point.  Then my dad and I ended up just having a couple-month-long conversation in the comments section of this review.  Someone else now, who I have never met, has also joined in.  At first I was worried it was just my dad under a pseudonym, but I know his writing style too well and can feel confident (and relieved) that it’s not him.  While the threat of my father trolling the internet to confront critics of my book is (albeit on some level really sweet) utterly nightmarish to me, I have to say, this conversation has gotten so ridiculous and hilarious that I am kind of loving it at this point.  So check it out and see what insanity a guy from Racine gets into, once his poetry goes public.  Just don’t buy anything while you’re there : )

Okay, I’m off to go shelve books like what.  Be well.


2 Responses to “Stephan Danos review of my book at IO”

  1. Wendy Xu Says:

    Thanks for the iO lovin’, Nick! And I am enjoying this comment thread endlessly.

  2. BlindMelonBelly Says:

    Oh sure, it’s all fun and games, Friend-o…
    until someone gets hurt.

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