New Gnus, The Believer / Fence and Black Ocean Submissions

There’s so much good stuff all the time that I usually forget to post it here.

First, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten to mention that a reader survey taken by The Believer magazine ranked my first book among the top ten favorite poetry titles they’ve read.  This is way exciting to me, since it just depended on cool people filling out postcars and sending them in to The Believer on their own dime.  And the company I’m keeping in that list is a major honor.  So check that out.  You can see the whole list here.

So there’s that.  Bu there’s also this:

a new online lit journal that has ties to SE Wisconsin recently put out it’s first issue and it is way fly.  Check out the New Gnus when you have a chance and maybe even send them work for their next issue.

Last, two submission opportunities from two lit sources that I absolutely love.  First, Fence magazine, is open until the end of the month.  Fence published my book, so I’m way biased at this point, but beyond that it’s just one of my favorite journals bar none, has been for years.  So send them stuff.

Also, Black Ocean, who has published some of my favorite books, has their FREE open manuscript reading period happening now.  So send to them.  It’s free, for goodness sakes.  You will not find a whole lot of that anymore.

I’ll post messages from Fence and Black Ocean below here, for more details, and then you will read it and send to them.  Yes, the world works so perfectly.  And then we’ll both have very pleasant days.

I love you.  Messages from the publishers follows below:


Get your poems and stories to the ready because Fence has once again opened for submissions. We will remain open through the month of June. Click this sentence to submit.

Are you in Philly? If so, we recommend you see Ariana Reines read this Saturday with Dorthea Lasky and Marion Bell at the con/ crescent press reading series. More info here.

Not in Philly? Consider buying this MP3 of Ariana’s poem “Save the World” as read by Lili Taylor. You won’t be disappointed.

Rob Arnold

Managing Editor: Fence / Fence Books



Dear Black Oceanographers,

It is with great honor and enthusiasm that we announce the 2012 Black Ocean Subscription! Included in the $50 subscription is one copy of every title listed below. That’s almost a 30% savings–and as always, free shipping…

What’s more: subscriptions ordered before July 1st will be upgraded to a signed, limited edition hardcover copy of Zachary Schomburg’s FJORDS. That’s $80 worth of books for only $50!

Hunger Transit by Feng Sun Chen (Spring 2012)

Fjords by Zachary Schomburg (Spring 2012)

Handsome Vol. 4 (Spring 2012)

Dark Matter by Aase Berg, trans. Johannes Göransson (Fall 2012)

The Moon’s Jaw by Rauan Klassnik (Fall 2012)

Also this week is the beginning of our annual open reading period. We’ve made the move to handling all submissions electronically, through the online submissions manager, Submishmash. We have stayed committed to not charging any reading fees and in exchange we remain optimistic that, as someone who believes our press enough to trust us with your work, you will in turn support us.


As an independent press with no institutional affiliations or reading fees, it is not an understatement to say that book sales today directly affect how many manuscripts we can afford to acquire for future publication. So as you prepare and send in your work, please consider ordering a 2012 subscription. Our goal is to receive 150 new subscriptions by 7/1, which marks the end of this year’s open reading period. But we can’t meet that goal without you!

With more titles coming out in 2012 than any previous year, Black Ocean is moving in to a new phase of growth and sustainability. Thank you to everyone who has read, reviewed, and recommended our books to others! Additionally, thank you to everyone who has sent us their work, and continues to do so! Without you, we’d probably be in jail … or famous … or both. Just go to our submissions page and click on the link to get started submitting for this year!

In Love & Gratitude,

The Black Ocean Crew









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