Send to 1913 Press, duh.

I’m sorry, but this is just ridiculous.  I’ve pasted a message from Sadnra Doller, ed. of 1913 press, below.  If you have a manuscript, send it to them for goodness sakes.  They’re so great…if nothing else, it will be a contribution to an excellent press.  Go live life.  Gallavant.  Be free. 

And read below:

(dear friends de 1913…i.s.o. radically fantastic work…hvnt started reading yet but count vry few submissions so far…pls help spread the word? thx so! -sandra.)

From May 1-May 31, ANY NON-FIRST BOOK, ANY GENRE. Please submit your work via the Submishmash submission button on the website:

There is no page, genre, or other limitation. Collaborations, translations, and other animals are welcome & encouraged. Writer(s) must have previously published at least one full-length book or equivalent (chapbooks not included). 

Only electronic submissions will be accepted. The reading fee is $10. One or more books will be selected for publication by 1913′s l’editrice Sandra Doller. 

Please email with any questions.

sandra doller, founder & editrice de 1913
Check out 1913’s new reading period…ANY NON-FIRST BOOK, ANY GENRE! May 1-May 31.

NEW! from 1913:
1913 a journal of forms, Issue 5

“Home/Birth: A Poemic” by Arielle Greenberg & Rachel Zucker
“Wonderbender” by Diane Wald
“READ 2” 1913’s annual translation anthology from the Tamaas seminars in Paris
Forthcoming from 1913:
“Hg-the liquid” by Ward Tietz
Two collaborations by Mendi+Keith Obadike
“The Transfer Tree” by Karena Youtz
“Conversities” by Dan Beachy-Quick & Srikanth Reddy

Find 1913 on Facebook & Twitter…really.!/1913Press


& Le new blog:

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