Noah Eli Gordon’s “The Source” and “Foley Room” by Amon Tobin

Hey friends,

just wanted to toss two things up today:

I responded to Noah Eli Gordon’s new book “The Source” on Futurepoem press’s blog (Futurepost).  You can find it here.  And here’s an excerpt:

My MC name is White Chocolate.  My MC name is Lyghtskin.

Does that mean you’re gay?

It means I can use the women’s bathroom, but security will probably harass me afterwards.

Yes.  Pure poetry.

Also, I found out my book weirdly got a mention on a music blog, TInCanAmp, in a review of the album “Foley Room” by a musician named Amon Tobin.  It was an interesting description of the album and I now want my library to get it, so kudos on both ends there.  Here’s how the comparison starts:

“I’m reminded of the poet Nick Demske, whose first book (Nick Demske, put out last year (2010) by Fence Books as part of their Modern Poets Series) is a collection of “sonnets”. Sonnets is clamped by those quotes because Demske’s poems are twisted, fucked-up sonnets that have no consideration for meter, and usually violently enjamb in the middle of a word to fit the rhyme scheme. “

Thanks to the folks at TInCanAmp for that, and thanks to Noah Eli Gordon for writing The Source, which I look forward to diving in completely soon.

According to a certain social networking website, today is the birthday of three writers I like very much: Daniel Borzutzky, Cynthia Spencer and Walter Hermanns.  Chicago, Milwaukee and Racine.  What What.  May the Muse reign great fortune upon you all today.

Tomorrow, the poet Dan Nielsen will be reading work in Kenosha.  I will be at that, probably laughing very hard.  Sometimes with him.

You should go to that too, though.  And you should have a good day.

Later on.


2 Responses to “Noah Eli Gordon’s “The Source” and “Foley Room” by Amon Tobin”

  1. Whoa! I can’t believe you found that — must have been a Google alert or something. Hope you enjoy the album if you get your hands on it.

    I really like your book. Thank you for those poems!

    • ndemske Says:

      indeed, the terrifying omniscience that is the alert. and you’re welcome for writing those poems. thank YOU for giving it such attention–really. hope we get to meet sometime.

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