Old Sheezy and I read at Woodland Pattern tomorrow

I was revisiting some things yesterday which I never posted.  So…time to change that, I guess, because they’re cool.

1) pictures that Peter O’leary, the maddest scientist of poetry, posted to his photo account after we had our book release reading at the Racine Public Library in December.  You can see those here.

and 2) two poems of mine and some insightful comments on them at Jendi Reiter’s blog, “Reiter’s block.”  Here’s a short excerpt from it:

“Cheap goods and commercialized words join with sacrosanct ones in a passionate melee. Could be an orgy, could be a fistfight. Sometimes all I see is a cloud of dust, as in the cartoons. But worth watching anyhow.

So that’s cool.  Check that out.

I read with my homie Travis Nichols tomorrow at Woodland Pattern, so you should come to that, if you can.  Travis is killer.  We’ve never read together before and Woodland Pattern is incessantly awesome, so it’s sure to be sweet.  Here’s the info for the reading and, in the meantime, here’s a video of Travis reading in Racine last year in the BONK! series:

Saturday, May 14th– 7pm @ one of my favorite places in the world, Woodland Pattern Book Center, Milwaukee, WI. w/ the honorable Travis Nichols


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