Jessica Baran Video; a bunch of things to submit to

okay.  so my cousin, Jessica Baran, is a starburst of coolness and here is a video I made of her reading from her first book in st louis.  the book is called “Remains to be used” ( a title I love) and was published by Apostrophe this year.  She also just had a chapbook–a gorgeous chapbook–published by a st louis press called all along, i think.  so here’s the video:

Also, here’s an interview with her on the book, if you want more.

So there’s that.  But there’s also a bunch of stuff you should submit your work to.  I’ll just put a few links below.

For ahsahta press’s chapbook contest

For humble humdrum cotton frock issue 4

and the only other one i’ll pass on to you right now is at 1913 press, for the 1913 prize.  Bad news: the deadline is this saturday.  Honestly, though,I wish i had a manuscript just so i could send it to them.  It’s any genre, people.  And eve if your work isn’t accepted in manuscript form, they will consider some of it for their journal.  And, as can be read at their blog which I’ve linked to, they haven’t recieved many submissions.  this is insanity!  i’m reading one of the books they just published and it’s really substantial.  so maybe inquiry them if you can be a day late or so with your sub.  let them know i just told you about it now.

i just got back from a bike ride in the rain.  it was just a seductive as you’re imagining it to be.  i will now go make a bowl of guacamole and celebrate the fact that i don’t have any major diseases.

oh!  one more thing–i’m reading with one of my best friends and favorite poets, nicholas michael ravnikar, as well as with the fabled uber-poet and editor of flim forum press, matthew klane, this saturday in madison.  so, after submitting to all the journals and presses above, come to that.  here’s the info:

Saturday, April 30th– 7pm ______Shaped Reading Series, @ The Project Lodge, Madison, WI.  w/ Nicholas Michael Ravnikar & Matthew Klane

and a subsequent invite, should you wish to respond formally.

okay.  i love you.  bye.


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