Harmony Holiday and Abe Lincoln

Hi. Sorry I am always away from you, blog. I just love the non-blog world so much. What can a person do?

I just wanted to post up this video that Boston Review put up as part of their poetry month celebration series. If you click on the link, you can find most of the text that goes with this poem, too. But this is a really gorgeous, really sweet, really haunting video of a Harmony Holiday text. Holiday’s first book, Negro League Baseball, is getting published by Fence next season I think. I’m really excited to read it and this video only adds to that.

Enjoy, posse.


2 Responses to “Harmony Holiday and Abe Lincoln”

  1. Hi!! great blog.. i just thought i would stop by to say hello. I saw you at a poetry reading not long ago on the marquette campus, you were great! Danny is my english professor 😉 .

    • hey, thanks person! i can’t tell if your name is hayidan or if that’s something else, but either way. you rock. keep in touch.

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