New Releases: Boo, Sawbuck, Action Yes, 1913, Kelsey Gray, blah

So here’s just a mix of a bunch of good stuff that’s just coming out—–

First, because I may or may not be biased, the new issue of boo: a journal of terrific things is out!   (I’m an editor for this journal, for anyone without context here).

Featuring work by:  Elizabeth Workman, Carly-Anne Ravnikar, Travis Macdonald, Ginny O’Brien and Michael Basinski, Eric Huff, Reneé Beauregard, Kari Freitag, CAConrad, Christine Herzer,       Jonathan Lohr, Michael Bernstein, Francis Raven and Adam Katz.  Dang that’s a line up.

Here’s an excerpt from Kari Freitag’s I don’t want to be famous I just want everyone to like me“:

“Remember when we were laying in the grass
and I told you I wanted to lay here until ants mistook our bodies
for large five star hotels
and moved in
and you left”

So go read it all.  The issue is fab.

my sister and my mom are fab too

Speaking of fab, the new issue of Sawbuck is bringing the ruckus and, in this case, the ruckus includes poems from Edwin Perry and Nicholas Michael Ravnikar, both of whom I tend to mention on this blog often because I love them.  Read the issue here:

Furthermo’, Sandra Doller at 1913 has been doing a lot of killer stuff and I should mention a thing or two here:

1) The new Arielle Greenberg/ Rachel Zucker collaborative book Home/Birth…I am patiently awaiting it to arrive at the Racine Public Library.  I heard them read from it and it seems really really good for me.  And probably for you, too.  Only one way to find out.

2) My friend Monica Mody’s manuscript “Kala Pani” will be published by 1913 in the future.  She studied with literary masterminds Johannes Göransson and Joyelle McSweeney (the Godmother of my book). She rocks.  You can read some of Monica’s work here at the Boston Review.

3)Speaking of ye ole’ literary masterminds, the new Action Yes issue is out.  Simply one of my favorite journals out there.  And it’s free.  Click the link, yo.

4)And finally, since we’re talking about new things coming out, let’s talk about Kelsey Gray, a young poet from Racine who has been kicking some really gnarly poetry lately.  Stuff I’ve liked a lot.  I won’t bother trying to describe what she’s been up to.  I’ll just let you see for yourself.

See you tomorrow, hopefully, o sweet, imaginary friends:


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