Eileen Myles reads from Inferno (for Arielle Greenberg)

You didn’t think I would post anything today, did you.  Well, technically, it’s Wednesday now, so I didn’t post anything today if today is yesterday.  But I’m posting before I go to bed.  Bed posting, you might call it.  Or you might weep like a camel in Egypt.

Right.  Eileen Myles and Ed Roberson read at Joel Craig’s reading series at Danny’s Tavern in Chicago last week.  It was worth driving an hour and a half from Racine for it.  Not only that, but my friends, Jenetta Hargrove and Nicholas Michael Ravnikar got extra gangster and made the long journey as well.  So many great poets gathered in one place…Travis Nichols, Monica Fambrough, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, of course Joel himself, Anthony Madrid…we got to have dinner afterwards with Daniela Olszewska and Edwin Perry.  Danny’s is a pretty great gathering point for talent I love.  However, one person who wasn’t there: Arielle Greenberg,  a recent homie of mine.  And she was way bummed about that.  So, Arielle, hopefully this fills the little Eileen-Myles shaped hole in your life.

Was that creepy?

The readings were really excellent.  They read for like 45 minutes each and no one seemed the least bit bored.  Here’s a clip I shot of Eileen Myles reading from her book “Inferno: a poet’s novel.”

See you tomorrow.  And enjoy:


2 Responses to “Eileen Myles reads from Inferno (for Arielle Greenberg)”

  1. Me not there either. Guess that don’t bum out no Nicky, huh.

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