Suzanne Buffam and Eric Huff

I have not been so great about putting anything on this blog lately.  A great question would be “who really cares?”  I don’t know what the answer would be and I’m okay with that.

Alas, despite how much I realize I enjoy not blogging, I like sharing cool stuff with other people, too.  So I’m going to try to do that like everyday this week.  Starting now:

Do you know who Suzanne Buffam is?  She is the dopeness, her poetry is the dopeness.  I saw her read at Woodland Pattern Book Center with John Beer last month and really loved it, read her book “The Irrationalist” immediately afterwards (thanks, Racine Public Library).   Canarium Books published the Irrationalist.  That house is like a genius factory.

Suzanne’s work is great—-major emotional complexity, accessible despite a ton or obstuse references, finely crafted and weird.  It reminds me of Anthony Madrid’s as-yet-unpublished manuscript “The 580 Strophes” in that it takes a tone of ancientness, wisdom, like a 13th century mystic poet dictating to you from a mountain.  Both books gush staggering wisdom while at the same time lampooning wisdom, pitch-perfectly.

So here’s a video form that reading.  It’s great.  Watch it.  Then read the book.

In other news, do you know who Eric Huff is?  Well now you do, because he has recently been appointed to the utmost prestigious position of Kenosha (Wisconsin) Poet Laureate.  Awesome.  I’m extremely happy for Kenosha–this is a very fortunate thing for them, and it reflects some very good decision-making on behalf of the committee who appointed him.  Since the position of Wisconsin Poet Laureate was just completely defunded by the Wisconsin government, this is a major victory for…well…the whole entire world.  So here’s a video of Eric I posted before, when he read in the BONK! series with Michael Earl Craig.

Congrats to Eric.  May your reign bring us all great prosperity.  And congrats to Suzanne.  On being the dopeness.


One Response to “Suzanne Buffam and Eric Huff”

  1. Chris Crawford Says:

    Anthony Madrid rocks the apartment! I translated 6 poems from his manuscript into the Czech and got them published in Prague–therefore Madrid is a well known poet among Prague literati. As well he may be.

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