More cool stuff for my book

earlier today at the Milwaukee Art Museum

The literary mastermind, Kathleen Rooney, posts a very generous review at The Rumpus and they’ve included a new poem along with it.

Jendi Reiter comments on her blog about the prominence of racial issues this year at AWP, focusing particularly on Claudia Rankine’s essay and my poetry.  I was impressed with the insights in this article.

Ryo Yamaguchi gives a quick synopses of the book at Plots and Oaths

And, as much as I dislike Amazon, I have to give someone named N. Taggart a thanks for putting up a short review of the book there, too.  Here’s the link for that.  But please don’t buy anything (including my book) from there.  If you want any further reading on that, feel free to contact me.  And thank you.

Last thing–I helped curate a series of posts from Wisconsin poets on the uber-blog, Montevidayo.  All the posts are about the horrific political happenings in our state right now.  So far Melissa Czarnik, Brenda Cardenas, Roberto Harrison and Tom Hibbard have contributed pieces.  I will have something up within a week, but all of them need to be read.  I hope they can create a counter-narrative to the faux-reporting a lot of TV sources are broadcasting.

And thanks to Angela Malone for the picture above.


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