More Great Things for the self-titled Nick Demske collection

me and a huge sock monkey

A few weeks ago, Elisa Gabbert said these nice things about the book, which were followed by readers’ equally cool comments below.  More recently, she posted a short review of the book @ Like Fire.

Also, Sandra Beasley took the time to retype my responses to questions in the recent issue of Poets and Writers on her blog, Chicks Dig Poetry, and had some interesting commentary around it.

Here’s a concise blurb of the book from James Schiller.

A meditation on Congressman Paul Ryan and the significance of the book’s back cover by Joshua Robbins.

A few words of praise from Philip Metres, calling the poems in the book “…sonnets that would make John Berryman eat his own beard…”

A funky, slightly haunting reading by Nic Sebastion of one of the poems from the book, at her Whale Sound project

And the book has been reviewed–not available online, unfortunately– but in print by the Sycamore Review.

The world is a safe and comforting place.


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