Chuck Stebleton, Arielle Greenberg and me at People’s Books Co-op in Milwaukee in an hour and a half

Dear sexual unicorns,

January has been a horrible month for me thus far.  It’s sad.  I have very little left, but tonight I’m going to take that very little and try to make something awesome out of it, alongside two wonderful poets and people I really dig: Chuck Stebelton and Arielle Greenberg

Here’s the info for the reading, which will happen in about an hour and a half.  Hopefully you had no plans:

Friday, January 21st- 7pm, Reading at People’s Book Cooperative, Milwauke, WI w/ Arielle Greenberg and Chuck Stebleton.  View an invite for the event here.

and here’s videos of both Chuck and Arielle reading.  Chuck reads at the BONK! series, here in Racine, Wisconsin.  Arielle’s video is retrieved from the Rabbit Light video journal that Joshua Marie Wilkinson runs.  it is glorious.  Visit it.  I’d say it’s in the running for one of my favorites of any journal, actually.

Hmmm.  the video of Chuck is fighting me.  here’s a video of him found at Rabbit light also, instead.




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