Two journals you should be sending work to: The New Gnus and Drupe Fruits

Hey, person.

Do you read this blog?  You’re reading it right now?  How serendipitous!  Because that likely means you’d be a great candidate to send work to the below two journals.  Bright, responsible editors–sexy, famous!  Send work now.  Don’t delay.


random picture of delicious tacos i made

The New Gnus Literary Journal (visit their blog site here, and an invite to submit here)

The New Gnus Literary Magazine is founded on the belief that anyone with a good eye for uniqueness and insight can be a writer, and that good writing can be found in non-traditional and unexpected places. New Gnus is looking for previously unpublished poetry, short-fiction, and creative non-fiction. We are also looking for humorous, striking, and unusual non-traditional genre crossing work  – this could include anything from notes found in public places to journal entries to shopping lists. New Gnus encourages individuals or groups of people that either consider themselves as artists or don’t to submit their work.

The New Gnus are currently open for submissions. To do so, please send no more than six previously unpublished pieces of your work to..

The DEADLINE for the first issue is March 21st! Submit Submit Submit!


and here’s a video I shot of one of the editors, Eric Huff, reading as part of the BONK! performance series in Racine, Wisconsin:


Drupe Fruits-

(a message from the editor)

drupe fruits is a bi-annual journal celebrating the power and beauty of the prose poem… a form harnessing both the narrative function, commonality, and accessibility of the paragraph and the brevity, distillation, symbolism, and abstraction of poetry to produce gems of amalgamation.

the flagship issue held work by ari feld, sheera talpaz, nick demske, jonathan gray, jeanne stauffer-merle, and others in a pocket sized book with covers of hand made paper letter-pressed after hours at UWMilwaukee.

and so, please do send prose poems of 200 words or less to for consideration by feb. 1st. ideally. please include work in the body of an e-mail… as well as a brief, saucy bio… something candid is preferred to a list of places you’ve published… although i would like to know that as well.

plumberries press is committed to the tactile, to the artifact… but has acquiesced to mirroring those efforts as well as possible in an electronic format… is currently being constructed by way of wikihow articles and slow plodding effort on my part to offer examples of the books which do not fail too terribly the tangible. if you are disappointed with what you see immediately… please do check back from time to time… as eventually… it will be beautiful.

i do so hope to see things.


edwin r. perry.


So send stuff to those journals, you jive turkeys.  And enjoy your lives today.


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