Reading in Chicago tomorrow (tuesday) and Milwaukee Friday; Michael Earl Craig video


Here’s info for some upcoming readings this week.  If you have any sense about you, you will make it your duty to attend.  See you there:

Nate the Slawson (photo by Kathleen Rooney)

Tuesday, January 4th-8pm, 1317 Reading Series, Rogers Park, Chicago, IL, w/ Carrie Olivia Adams, Nate Slawson and Charles Gabel

Friday, January 7th- 8pm, Reading sponsored by Plumberries Press @ Edwin’s apartment, 728 e. locust st.  Milwaukee, WI.  also featuring Sheera Talpaz, Daniela Olszewska, “in some parts of the world they still have leaves.” by cynthia spencer and edwin r. perry, and a short film by eric zimmermann.

And here is a decent video of a really really really good reading Michael Earl Craig gave in Racine back in November.  He read with Eric Huff, whose video I will hopefully have up later this week.  Until then, enjoy MEC–it’s amazing to me how he was able to, in the same reading, go from reading pretty high energy pieces that had everyone howling with laughter, and then seamlessly transition to really dark, sad, beautiful, quiet pieces without losing anyone at all.  The whole room was mesmerized.

Enjoy the clip:


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