Sweet nothings: from Johannes Göransson, Blake Butler, Daniela Olszewska, Poets & Writers, Escalation and others

Here’s a bumload of good news to start off your New Year:

I’m in the pages of this month’s Poets &Writers magazine (I have not actually seen this yet, but John Beer says I’m on the same page as him, which is a high honor).  I’m one of I’m guessing 20(?) poets to publish their first book in 2010 who is featured in the January issue, so go check that out.  I believe in the picture they have of me, I’m wearing a hat that my girlfriend, Angela Malone, knit by hand.  Her knitting tag name is “Linguistitch.”  Everything in the world is perfect.

Also, Poets and Writers was kind enough to repost on their website this video I made to promote my book.  It’s a great video…I love it.  You should watch it right now:

Other wonderment–

My first book , “The Adventures of Paul Ryan, Protector of All That is Good and Holy,” has been noted as one of the best books of 2010 not only by the mighty Daniela Olszewska, but also by the inimitable Johannes Göransson.  Click on those links and see the lists in their entirety.  And may Allah have mercy on their souls.

Furthermore, Escalation’s Best of 2010 lists “The Adventures of Paul Ryan” as, indeed, the best poetry of 2010.  My favorite part is that Seamus Heaney gets honorable mention.  It’s a wild, wild world out there.

As if that weren’t enough, Blake Butler, the Lee Iacocca of literature, said some very sweet, flattering things about “Paul Ryan.”  He said he loved it.  And God is Love.  So he sort of “Godded” it.

He says other beautiful things about the book, too.  He says that, in the book, “…the getting fucked gets fucked and goes back to real hell logic, real you-can’t-do-this-in-comedyland…Yeah, buy this motherfucker and get busy eating a big one.”  I admit, I tittered with glee at that.  And the comments that appear below are just as sweet and flattering.

Now go forth, friends, and greet the New Year with irrepressible lust.

Ah, Love!  Ah, Poetry!



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