Videos (and pics) from New York reading: Jena Osman, Martin Corless-Smith, me


here’s videos of two brilliant poets.  And one of me as well.  We three together make the authors of the three titles published by Fence Books this past Fall.  Buy all of our books.  They can be seen here, at the Fence Books site.  Now Enjoy the videos–they’re excerpts from our book release reading at The Kitchen, in beautiful Manahatta, NYC.

But wait…there’s more!  Here’s a series of (52) pictures of varying quality that I took while in NY for the reading.  Other incredibly famous writers appearing in this sideshow include the three readers above, publishing extraordinaire Rebecca Wolff, Tyler Flynn Dorholt, William Owens, Harmony Holiday, Chris Hosea and others.  So look at these now.  And enjoy that as well.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope this experience made your life unbelievably pleasant.  Because I love you like that.  Have a good day and happy holidays,



One Response to “Videos (and pics) from New York reading: Jena Osman, Martin Corless-Smith, me”

  1. Earl Craig Says:

    Nick thanks for posting this–it was great to see all three videos/readings. And loved the NY pics too!

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