Robert Baumann, Mitvah Chaps, Beecher Mag, etc.

Got this message from the indelible Robert Baumann of Mitzvah Chaps fame.  The Racine Public Library just purchased the whole Mitzvah collection (so beautiful) and Robert is from Milwaukee, a former employee of Woodland Pattern.  He’s good stock.  Do whatever he says, starting with the suggestions below.

As a side note, I was kindly given a copy of a book by the below-mentioned Adam Robinson, a few months ago.  The book is called “Adam Robison and other poems” (by Adam Robinson), it was published by Narrow House, a really great publisher, and the editor, Justin Sirois, was the one kind enough to give it to me.  It was one of the books I most enjoyed reading in 2010.  I highly recommend it  and I recommend sending to the competition, just because you know they’ve got a good judge.

OK,  Read on.  And obey:

Robert J. BaumannDecember 18, 2010 at 9:05pm
Subject: Beecher’s Magazine open for submissions.
Hi friends. 

I’m happy to relay that Beecher’s Magazine, the new grad-student-run literary magazine at the University of Kansas, is now accepting submissions!

Beecher’s will feature fresh web content on a rolling basis, and will release it’s first print issue in May 2011.

You can also submit to our contests (deadline March 1) to be judged by Deb Olin Unferth (fiction) and Adam Robinson (poetry).

To view submission guidelines, submit, get a sense of our aesthetics, or check out events, visit; or friend us on facebook at

Pass word along to friends!

Robert J. Baumann
Poetry Editor, Beecher’s Magazine


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