Douglas Rushkoff’s “Why WikiLeaks hackers are a glitch, not a cyberwar”

This article was posted in CNN opinion on December 10th.  Seems like an awfully sane argument to me.  And, as a sidenote, it’s especially refreshing to see someone trying to disabuse the general public of the notion of net neutrality.  And here’s a follow up to that article, from Raw Story online

Douglas Rushkoff is a new name to me…I just recently watched a PBS of his called “The Persuaders” about advertising industries.  His work seems pretty on point and I encourage others to check out his stuff beyond just this article.  Enjoy.


2 Responses to “Douglas Rushkoff’s “Why WikiLeaks hackers are a glitch, not a cyberwar””

  1. Arielle Greenberg Says:

    Hey Nickorama–

    I ALSO just discovered Douglas Rushkoff, but I discovered him through old issues of Arthur magazine, now defunct-ish and which I got for a Chanukah present, and which is a refreshing jolt of hippie radicalism in modern times. He writes really well about meditation and other stuff in Arthur. So I Facebook friended him, because what else can one do in 2011?

    • your closing comment there seems to cover so much ground. i, too, have facebooked him. weird world.

      Rushkoff is awesome. I’ll have to look into Arthur. Your description (jolt of hippie radicalism) is all I need to know : )

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