Fence Mag open to submission until Dec. 2oth


This just came out from Fence.  Fence is open for subs for like 5 seconds a year, so send to them.  Eric Huff, Dave Tomaloff, Carly Ravnikar, Dan Nielsen, Hannah Gichard…I could keep going.  You all should submit to Fence today.  OK.  Read more below.

“Industry News”: We want to let everyone know about Fence & Fence Books’ new Managing Editor, Robert Arnold. He’s in charge! Rob is a founding editor of Memorious, for six years was Managing Editor at Ploughshares, and for six months was a bike messenger in Boston, MA. Welcome, Rob.

In other news

It’s snowing!

*Considering that, and the “holiday season,” we’re offering gift subscriptions! Buy a subscription for someone by December 17th, and we guarantee that they will receive a pretty note to that effect in the mail before December 25th. We can even include your personalized gifty message. Just click here and use the “special instructions” field in the “shipping address” field to tell us what to say.

* *Fence, the literary journal, is currently open to submissions of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and other. Go here to submit work. Submissions will be open until December 20th.

*Fence Books is now a record label. We’re at work on audio-releases from Douglas Kearney, reading thrillingly from his book The Black Automaton, and Ariana Reines, with a guest-starring Lili Taylor performing Reines’ poem “Save the World,” plus a mysterious B-side, in anticipation of the 2011 publication of her book Mercury. Look for these in early 2011. And if you’re in NYC, don’t miss Ariana’s upcoming appearances.

* * *

*Also, we’ve got a new Facebook page. Please like it. Or something.


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