News from Rescue Press of Milwaukee

Dearest Friends, Readers, Thinkers, Artists, & Countrymen,

1. Rescue Press is excited to announce our newest publication and debut collection of fiction, 3 short stories by Madeline McDonnell.

Madeline McDonnell

There Is Something Inside, It Wants To Get Out

3 Stories, $10 (shipping included)

Purchase at: (click on Madeline’s author page)

There Is Something Inside, It Wants To Get Out is the brief and stunning debut by fiction writer Madeline McDonnell. In these technically surprising and lyrically astounding stories, the reader meets three haunted, singular, and unsettled protagonists—Wednesday, Mary, and Lucy—who are up to and up against all sorts of horrendous and hilarious trouble. The reader will discover in this trinity a deeply intelligent, comic, and chaotic view of consciousness, pleasure, and shame along with a panic-inducing proposal, cancer-basketball, and a series of passionate car crashes. Perhaps more importantly, the reader will fall for McDonnell’s poetic touch and her absolute attention to the magic of the sentence.

Madeline McDonnell is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and a former lexicographer for the Oxford English Dictionary. She is currently at work on a novel and a longer collection of short stories.

Praise for There Is Something Inside, It Wants To Get Out:

“Madeline McDonnell writes shrewdly, responsively, inventively, audaciously, arrestingly. She approaches the story as a hang-glider approaches the wind, bending herself to its movements.”

–Kevin Brockmeier, author of The Brief History of the Dead

“With exquisite quick-witted prose, Madeline McDonnell has produced a trio of truly memorable stories. Her characters, so lonesome and so startlingly funny, find their way through situations equally grave and absurd. Life, in other words, the way it’s really lived. These three, word-perfect stories are as absorbing and original as fiction gets.”

–Peter Bognanni, author of The House of Tomorrow

Go to: to ORDER A COPY NOW—and, check out Madeline’s “Safety Book” Interview on our blog.

2. Looking for a literary gift for the holidays? A present for the ‘rents or a mixed-bag of fiction, poetry, and essays for a few book-worm friends? Rescue Press is offering a subscription for our first 5 titles. A subscription is $55 (shipping included), and you will receive the following 5 amazing books:

Marc Rahe: The Smaller Half

Shane McCrae: In Canaan

Madeline McDonnell: There Is Something Inside, It Wants To Get Out

Andrea Rexilius: To Be Human Is To Be A Conversation

Zach Savich: Events Film Cannot Withstand

Happy Winter & much Love from Rescue Press—

The Editors

Caryl Pagel

Danny Khalastchi


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