Tsky Interview revisited; Upcoming Readings; Rabbit Catastrophe; etc.

So the the interview Julie Strand did with me was apparently accidentally got cut in half when it was first posted on the Tarpaulin Sky blog.  But fret not!  All has been bettered…and, in my humble opinion, the second half gets much more interesting than the first, so check it out here.

My Bible is so defaced…it took me three years to read the whole thing so, in its travels, it also got beaten up in every other way. But I have things written in there that would offend the 2nd Earl of Rochester, man! Things that many people would probably want to kill me over. Most of that book offends me to no end, though. So maybe that just makes us all even, in some sort of weird cosmic balance. Or not.”

Also, I updated my upcoming readings page.  A few important notes: the next reading I have is Wednesday, in Chicago in (or near?) Wrigleyville.  If you’re in SE Wisconsin, though, I’ve got a reading coming up at Parkside U, a radio interview on local public radio and–and this is VERY IMPORTANT–a book release reading at the Racine Public Library with the two amazing talents of poet Peter O’Leary and musician Brent Mitchell.  This is meant to be an extravaganza.  We want to make this huge, there will be food, there will be local lit orgs repping there to talk to people, sell journals, etc.  We’re hoping to have at least 100 people so please go on and spread the word to everyone you know.  Post it on facebook.  And all that other stuff.  I’ve pasted all the upcoming events below.  Come to them, especially the Racine Public Library reading on December 18th:

Wednesday, December 1st- 8pm Rec Room series Christmas in July in December show.  Black Rock bar, Chicago, IL. w/ Carina Farrero
Lauren Pretnar, Jacob Knabb, Brandon Will, Jac Jemc, Miki Howald, Allison Gruber and Sunny Byers

Wednesday, December 8th- THIS IS NOT A READING! –8am, interview on Greg Berg’s Morning Show, WGTD Wisconsin, 91.1 FM

Thursday, December 9th- 6pm Fundraiser for Life’s Transitions, Inc. (Racine Nonprofit) @ Gerald’s Smokehouse, Racine, WI.  Featuring a smattering of poets from SE Wisconsin

Friday, December 10th- 6pm Reading at UW Parkside (in “The Den”), sponsored by Straylight Magazine and followed by a short book signing

Saturday, December 11th- Book Release Reception & Reading @ Racine Public Library, Racine, WI,  w/ Peter O’Leary.  Reception starts at 5:30, Reading starts at 6:30, book signing to follow.  Music by the mighty Brent Mitchell

Friday, January 21st- 7pm, Reading at People’s Book Cooperative, Milwauke, WI w/ Duriel Harris

Saturday, January 22nd- Reading in Racine: Nick Demske, Duriel Harris & another poet.  details TBA

Saturday, January 29th– Woodland Pattern Marathon Reading.  I will read sometime between 9 and 10pm.  If you care about literature in any way, shape or form you should go to this!  Click here for details.

Thursday, February 10th– 7pm Carthage College, Kenosha, WI w/ Duriel Harris

Saturday, February 12th– 7pm Myopic Poetry Series, Chicago, IL w/ Duriel Harris

Last thing–a brand new arts journal, Rabbit Catastrophe, is accepting submissions for their first issue until December 15th.  Nicholas Michael Ravnikar will be included in the pages, so you know they’re good.  Send something to them.  Support them.

I will be posting many videos and doing a post on my trip to NY sometime this week, hopefully.  Until then, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.  Be nice to people.



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