A newly published poem, plus Nick Flynn and Michael Robbins, and blah

Yo.  I’m back from New York.  It was amazing.  The last two weeks in general have been.  I’ll try to write more about that as the days continue.

Just wanted to mention Superstition Review published a new issue containing one of the poems from my new book.  Check out the poetry here (scroll down for my poem).  Norman Dubie and Sally Ball are among the others in the issue, two poets I really dig.  Read their stuff too.  Buy my freaking book here.  Did you buy my book yet?  Do that.  Please.  Then, read it.  Thank you.

I also wanted to note an interview with the phenom writer Nick Flynn that Superstition recently did.  It’s very articulate; good questions, interesting answers.  It’s here.

Lastly, wanted to bring some attention to something interesting taking place in the pages of Poetry magazine: Michael Robbins wrote a review of Robert Hass, criticizing him pretty harshly in many ways.  Lots of letters to the editor have come in upset about this.  Here’s the review.  You can read the reactions, and Robbins’s counter-reaction, here (scroll to bottom).
Enjoy your being alive today.  I love you.


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