Reading tomorrow in Milwaukee and other cool stuff

Julie Strand, the high priestess of unmanageable female poetics, has posted a short interview with me on the Tarpaulin Sky blog.  T Sky is the dopeness, Julie is the dopeness and I would like to think that I myself, even, am at least moderately dope.  Only  about half of the interview was used so I’ll probably post the other half on this blog within a  little bit.  But you should read the first half first.  Make sense?  So read that ish, yo.

Also, my homeboy, Josh Robbins, put up some kind words in reference to my new book on his blog.  It would be worth checking out that link just to familiarize yourself with Josh Robbins.  Word.

Last but not, don’t forget I’m giving a reading in Milwaukee tomorrow.  And here are the details:

Saturday, November 20th- 8pm Book and journal (Drupe Fruits) release reading.  @ the Laundry Chute, 728 e. locust st.  Milwaukee, WI. w/ tom teslik, peter murphy, cynthia spencer, keith gaustad, kathryn cesarz and edwin r. perry (here’s the facebook invite)



One Response to “Reading tomorrow in Milwaukee and other cool stuff”

  1. T’was a rad time, sir! Nice readin. 🙂

    Pleeeease let’s follow through on our vague plans to do something in Madison/Racine or Racine/Madison.

    Check my blog and this other site – – when you have a chance!

    Oh, and: I still want a copy of your book one day!


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