Montevidayo, Joyelle McSweeney and Paul Ryan

The godmother of my new book, Joyelle McSweeney (she was the final judge for the contest my manuscript was picked in) recently made an announcement on the new uber-blog I’ve mentioned here before, Montevidayo, about my first book getting published.  It includes her judge’s citation, which is a piece of sublime literature on its own.  Check it out here.

Oh, did you buy my book yet?  If not, click this link.  Since it’s self-titled and I can call it whatever I want, I’ve been calling it Paul Ryan lately.  because Paul Ryan is the bomb.  Literally.

And, last but not least, If you’ll be in Milwaukee this Saturday, I’m part of a reading there which you should go to.  Here’s the info:

Saturday, November 20th- book and journal (Drupe Fruits) release reading.  @ the Laundry Chute, 728 e. locust st.  Milwaukee, WI. w/ tom teslik, peter murphy, cynthia spencer, keith gaustad, kathryn cesarz and edwin r. perry (here’s the facebook invite)

I’ll also post something separate about the reading in New York I’ll be doing a week from today.  In the meantime, though, here’s the general info: Monday, November 22nd-An Evening With Fence Books (book release reading), New York, NY.  w/ Martin Corless-Smith and Jena Osman

It will be momentous.

I hope you are a butterfly of love.


2 Responses to “Montevidayo, Joyelle McSweeney and Paul Ryan”

  1. Man, I sure hope you’re not using this book tour to weasel out of releasing the fall issue of boo journal. I’ve been waiting six months for it. Maybe you should just refund my subscription fee.

    • ooohh. you’re the first person to have busted me out about that. yeah, me and ange have definitely slacked. our goal is to have the issue out by 2063 (i kid…hopefully soon). i’ll of course put a note on this blog as soon as it does go live. glad someone’s paying attention anyways.

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