My book came out today


My book is officially out.  I have 72 copies of it sitting in the room with me.  Holy crap.  Holy crap holy crap.

Here is a video I made to promote it (below).  Please spread it all over the interweb, facebook it, share it however you can with as many people as you can.

Here is a link from which you can buy it.  The book, that is.

I’ve been so excited all day I risk going into a coma.  The music in the video was kindly provided by The Scarring Party, by the way.  They just played a show at the Racine Public Library like an hour ago and were utterly gorgeous.

Buy my book.  Read my book.  Force your local library to buy my book.

Run fee in the breeze like the stallion you are. Sexual Emotional Stallion.  Stalone.


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