New Christian Peet Chapbook

Hey all,

I’ve been off the map a few days.  I’m back.  I have an internet connection at the new apartment.  All is right again with the world.

I got this note from Christian Peet, editor of Tarpaulin Sky Mag and Press.  I thought it was some really excellent, compelling, descriptive copy for a book, which I don’t feel like I read very often.  Read for yourself and enjoy:


I know, I know. There’s nothing worse than a publisher who also believes
he’s some “important writer,” and feels compelled to tell you about it.

Alas, I persist. I have a new chapbook out, “Pluto: Never Forget,” published
by Interbirth Books in very limited, hand-bound hardcover and soft editions.

Interbirth’s book are gorgeous. Check out their catalog. Be on the lookout
for their next, too: a new chap by Diane Di Prima. Yeah. Awesome.

“Pluto: Never Forget” picks up where Book 1 of “The Nines” left off: before
the election of Barack Obama was even a hope. Written for anyone stunned
into mute horror during those dark days, “Pluto: Never Forget” offers an
e-Bay Monet, a drunk Brad Pitt and Mary Oliver, an “ordered variety” of
phonemic systems grown from the “disorderly monotony” of “animal cries,” a
graduating class of crackheads hoping to create a unified theory explaining
everything in the universe, and cautionary tales of “conflicting imperatives
such as ‘Teach Peace’ and ‘Eat the Rich.'” Also included–at no extra
cost–are images you won’t find on TV: “One for every dead Iraqi child–the
boy popped by a tank, the girl whose eyes burned like marshmallows in her
skull. Every East Coast gas station blanketed with their skin. Children
enough to circle the US Capitol fifty times, with a rope of small
intestines. And so on.”

Designed by Micah Robbins and Clifton Riley, twenty-six books are bound
between boards using the coptic stitch, lettered A-Z, and signed by the
author; fifty books are bound in paper using the pamphlet stitch. The cover
is an original silk screen print.

Thanks for listening, folks. I hope you’ll check it out.

Actually, I hope you’ll buy it and read it and even like it. That would be




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