Spirits Journal and Liam Callanan

Two mass-messages I recently got from Bill Allegrezza:”Spirits is looking for art, fiction, poetry, drama, and non-fiction for its forthcoming issue. Just send your submission in Word format with a bio to spirits@iun.edu.”  And then–“Even though the deadline has passed, you might try slipping in a submission to Spirits. The submission e-mail is spirits@iun.edu.”  Spirits has published my work, as well as a good selection of writers I really dig.  So send them stuff.  And fast, sine submissions are now technically closed.

In other news, it’s the birthday of fiction writer extraordinaire, Liam Callanan today.  Liam is pretty much one of the coolest, sweetest, people anyone could ever hope to meet.  I wanted to honor the occasion with a video from when he came and read at the Racine Public Library, which I think happened in March of this past spring.  Happy 73rd birthday, Liam.  Despite the fact that the streetlamp-whitewashed lighting in this video has a very Blair Witch Project feel to it, you still don’t look a day over 60.


One Response to “Spirits Journal and Liam Callanan”

  1. Nick,

    I’m not in on the age joke but I greatly enjoyed this video…thanks! There’s about 30 seconds right around the 4 minute mark that just….well….I like it especially. 😉

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