Reading at Indiana University Northwest today

I’m going to my home region to hang out with Bill Allegrezza’s class today, which I’m very stoked, but a little nervous, about.  I’m not usually nervous, but Bill claims he’s been telling them that I’m a superstar from the region, so I may have no choice but to majorly disappoint everyone.  I’m just banking on the hopes that they can see through ridiculousness.  One of the lines form the last e-mail Bill sent me: “‘You too’ I keep telling them, ‘can be Nick Demske.'”  Hmmm.  Worst proposition ever.

So, you know.  No pressure, I guess.

Here’s the info for the reading.  Hope to see some of you there:

Tuesday, October 26th– returning to home region of NW Indiana to visit the mighty Bill Allegrezza’s class, Indiana University Northwest. Talk/reading starts at 4pm in Hawthorn hall room 332


2 Responses to “Reading at Indiana University Northwest today”

  1. No disrespect to the great Bill Allegrezza, but NO ONE can be Nick Demske except Nick Demske. Which is probably a good thing, ’cause the world only has so much food.

    Be safe on your trip, brother. Don’t let the Great Lakes Cyclone get ya down.

    • said like a true sister, but a damn fine one at that. And the cyclone stuff was pretty intimidating…right before I was leaving our city siren started going off…but neither rain, nor snow nor situations in which my better judgment should tell me to stay the heck at home, apparently, can stop the holy pilgrimage of poetry. Oh well. I’m glad to have lived anyways.

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