Baby BONK! aftermath

The illustrious Tom Hibbard not only came all the way down to Racine from where he lives (further north in Wisconsin) for this past Sunday’s Baby BONK! event, but he also took this sweet picture, which I thought I should share with ya’ll.  The event, by the way, was phenomenal, in my opinion.  I’ll post video from it soon.

Pictured: Mark Wallace, me, Dan Nielsen and, in front, Jennifer Karmin.  Notice that we’re all wearing “Tom Hibbard for assembly 99” pins.  Vote for Tom!


One Response to “Baby BONK! aftermath”

  1. Thanks for the endorsement. The Sierra Club and the National Association of Social Workers also endorsed me.

    …But importantly…In my opinion, it is very crucial for artists and writers and whoever else to vote in this election. Examine the rhetoric. Look at the newspapers and Fox news. Today’s radical right seems to me like the worst outbreak of perverting our Democracy ever. There’s still time to get involved in the Racine area. John Heckenlively is a decent candidate. I believe there are some good state legislators that are actually incumbents. Good luck on making your voice heard.

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