Canarium Books open to Submissions

[an e-mail I’m passing on from Nick Twemlow]

Dear friends,

Canarium Books is accepting submissions from now until November 1st.  You’ve been good to us in the past, and we hope you’ll help us get the word out (Facebook status/listserv/word-of-mouth/students/colleagues/friends): there’s no reading fee and our turnaround is fairly quick—we’re aiming to announce what we’ve chosen in March.  Details can be found at our website:
We welcome submissions from anyone, regardless of publication history.  Thanks for your time and continued support.  We’ve had a great year with the books we’ve done so far, and we’re ready for more.  Beginning in March, some of us will be touring with our authors, so we hope to see you somewhere and soon.
Nick (and on behalf of Robyn, Josh, and Lynn)
Canarium Books
and here’s a video of one Canarium author, Ish Klein, reading in Racine’s BONK! series:
Have a blessed, rich and prosperous day and evening.

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