Upcoming Readings

just updated the reading page on this blog.  but why make you click on that link when I could just give you the information right here:

Tuesday, October 26th– returning to home region of NW Indiana to visit the mighty Bill Allegrezza’s class, Indiana University Northwest. Talk/reading starts at 4pm in Hawthorn hall room 332

Thursday, November 4th- Pocket Lab Reading Series,  Minneapolis, MN.  w/ Cindra Halm, Adrianne Mathiowetz, Brian Oliu, and Joseph Wood

Monday, November 22nd-An Evening With Fence Books (book release reading), New York, NY.  w/ Martin Corless-Smith and Jena Osman

Wednesday, February 23rd-@ Horicon Public Library, Horicon, WI. w/ Dasha Kelly, Quraysh Ali Lansana & Brenda Cardenas

Come to all of those readings.  Also, watch this ridiculously stupid-but hilarious- video Nicholas Michael Ravnikar made of me cooking him and K Silem Mohammad an embarrassing yet delicious breakfast last October.  Happy fall:


3 Responses to “Upcoming Readings”

  1. My god, that was a weird video. Kasey has quite a beard. Now I keep hearing him say “pancakes” over and over again in my head.

  2. cooking with poets. should get up in some food network action.

  3. I totally know what to buy you for Christmas now!

    Also–poor Mom. She gets no peace, even in death. Oh well, I guess that means she’s really still with us. 🙂

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