Reading in Hyde Park Tonight

Come to the Series A poetry reading this coming Wednesday!
Hyde Park Art Center
5020 S. Cornell
Chicago, IL

Today, August 4, 7:00-8:00 p.m.
Gina Myers
Nick Demske

Easy public transit access. Parking. BYOB.

Note: we start at 7 since the HPAC closes at 8. See More

(the picture above is the cover of my soon-to-come book)


2 Responses to “Reading in Hyde Park Tonight”

  1. Quit teasing about the soon-to-be book already!
    In looking around where to order it, I’ve discovered several (including European and British) distributors. Do you have a favorite distributor you’d like your fans to support? How about supplying us with a website or two to direct us to a book ordering page? You had some great work on Seven Corners by the way.

    • My fans? Dad, you are my only fan. It’s more endearing than embarrassing, though, so feel free to continue.
      This may be the most expensive place to order from ($16), but it’s also the one I would suggest most:
      It’s the actual distributor of Fence Books, so you know it’s pretty dang legit. I think no matter where one buys it, it’s helping Fence. But it may be helping other, less likable entities as well.
      And thanks for the seven corners flattery, dude. The guy who edits that journal is pretty great…knows a lot about the kinds of literature I’m most into reading–grotesque, gulesque, abject, etc.

      eat a monkey crap.

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