Twemlow Chapbook actually available to buy now

OK. Here’s the general info for it:

Nick Twemlow

“Your Mouth Is Everywhere”–$7 (shipping and tax included)

Winner of the 2010 (first) annual Racquetball Chapbook Tournament

Jointly published by Friend of the World Press and Bathroom Reading Materials

100 printed copies…get yours before they’re all gone!

Even though this button says “donate,” it will be a fixed donation of $7.  I didn’t know how to change that.

If anyone has any problems going through this process, please respond to this post saying so and I will try to address it asap.  Otherwise, I plan on putting this feature all over soon, including at the Racquetball Chapbook Torunament blogsite, the Bathroom Reading Materials blog, and elsewhere.

This chapbook is stellar.  If you purchase one, you will have not only a wicked-good piece of literature but, also, my sincerest thanks.  Enjoy!


One Response to “Twemlow Chapbook actually available to buy now”

  1. Congrats, Nick! I hope you, Robyn and your little one are doing really well.

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