Anthony Madrid, Robyn Schiff, Nick Twemlow, o my.

Speaking of Anthony Madrid, peep this poem of his, “Rhymes“, that just came out in Word Riot.  It starts “Weiner Weiner ‘gainst the wall…”  Which I was unable to type right now without laughing.

Speaking of poems referencing Blake’s “The Tyger,” peep, o peep, this monster of a poem by Robyn Schiff, “H1N1,” in the latest issue of Poetry.  It’s a pretty solid issue overall, too; Cathy Park Hong, Devin Johnston… For anyone not hep to Robyn’s work, this is the standard height of excellence that she consistently operates on…it’s incredible.  Her writing has a momentum–whether it be fast, slow, whatever–that I rarely feel in most poetry I read.  It’s forceful.  It’s a reckoning.  Is that a real phrase I just used or no?  This momentum definitely translates into her readings as well.  She’s one of my favorite readers of poetry that I’ve ever heard.  And I feel like I’ve heard a crapload.

Finally, Speaking of Robyn Schiff–Friend of the World press (which is basically me and a stapler), along with Bathroom Reading Materials (Nicholas Michael Ravnikar’s press) will have the distinct honor of getting to publish a chapbook by Nick Twemlow (Schiff’s husband) this summer.  I played for Twemlow’s manuscript in the Racquetball Chapbook Tournament, which was just as bodacious as you’re imagining it to be right now.  And yes, my athletic dominance overwhelmed all the other opponents.  Feel free to send fan mail.  Etc.

Major thanks to all the other participants in the tournament–it was an excellent fun time.  If you missed it this year, hit me up about next year.  Ravnikar and I plan on having it annually.

I’ll keep this blog up to date on progress with the Twemlow chap…it is going to be a Goliath.  I’m so geeked about it.  Twemlow is unholy.  In the meantime, enjoy this video I took of him in the summer of 2009, reading at the printer’s ball in Chicago.

Til next time:


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