Make Magazine reading stuff

Hi Friends,

So here’s some catch-up: March 18 was the release party for the new issue of Make Magazine, a killer periodical published in the fair city of Chicago, IL.  It was some sweet happenings.  Pretty much anything that Joel Craig touches (he’s MAKE’s poetry editor…and he’s pictured below) turns out killer though, so this is to be expected.

Wanted to share a video of the illustrious Anthony Madrid, spitting his unique brand of Eastern lament:

Caryl Pagel, a Milwaukee poet, also graced the stage (her work is gorgeous), as well as a translator named Paul Grens.

Michael Robbins who was in attendance, but didn’t read,  just had a poem called Lust For Life appear in the New Yorker.  It’s wacked and lovely.  So there’s that.

And here’s a pic a group of us took.  From left to right, Joel, Eric Huff, Me, Madrid, Caryl, and Danny Khalastchi.  Thanks, Nadia, for taking the picture.

We’ve got the Racquetball Chapbook Tourney tomorrow in Racine, as well as a BONK! that looks like it will be epic.  I’m going to be practicing my backhand in my sleep.

Hope to see some of you there.


3 Responses to “Make Magazine reading stuff”

  1. Nicki-poo! How did you know you are the poet laureate of my face! One day I went to touch my face, in the normal course of things, performing my ablutions or whatever, & there it was, a Nick Demske poem sort of suggested by my face! WTF! Thanks for the shout out. I was in attendance. I like to be in attendance. Attendance is important, & if you’re late too many times it could affect yr grade.

  2. Assumed makes an ass out of Um & Ed, pal!

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