Matthea Harvey Reading

I’m going to do my darndest to actually treat this thing like a real blog, putting up posts and all. I’ll try to get in here once a week or so.

For today, just a picture from a recent Matthea Harvey reading at UW Milwaukee that took place last month (thurs March 11th). This is a hecka lot of good writers here. Pictured below are (right to left): Matthea, Jim Hazard, Susan Firer, Matt Trease, Brenda Cardenas, Carly Ravnikar, Nicholas Ravnikar, Aviva Cristy, Julie Strand and a woman I don’t know, but whose name I think was Christine or Christina or something. Liam Callanan is kneeling…and Matthea is holding a little robot Liam gave her. Sweet.

If you know the mystery woman’s name, please let me know in the comment box.


One Response to “Matthea Harvey Reading”

  1. mtrease Says:

    The mystery woman is Christi Clancy. Nice picture, Nick.

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